Degree Equivalency Program

Western Michigan University offers a music therapy equivalency program designed for the student who already has a baccalaureate degree in music and would like to complete course work needed to become a professional music therapist. Under this program, the student only takes the courses required for certification and need not necessarily work towards another baccalaureate degree in music therapy.

Although a minimum residency of two years is suggested (not including the internship), course requirements may be completed in less time depending on the student's past college work. To be eligible for certification by the Certification Board for Music Therapists, the equivalency student must have successfully completed 22 semester hours in music therapy, 18 semester hours in behavioral/natural sciences, 52 semester hours in music and 30 semester hours in general education electives when all transcripts are considered.

Since WMU also offers the master's degree in music therapy, most equivalency students elect to take graduate courses concurrently with equivalency courses starting in the second year.

Degree Equivalency Curriculum Guide