Map of Africa with countries labeledNew issue of the International Journal of African Development

The spring 2015 issue of the IJAD journal is now available. This interdisciplinary journal features papers on issues related to sustainable development in Africa.

Five students receive Gilman scholarships to study abroad

A record number of Western Michigan University students—five—have been awarded $18,500 in scholarships to study abroad during the 2015-16 academic year through the Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship Program.

Shelby Flanagan of Manistee, Andrew Laws of Jackson and Alainah Montemayor of Lansing were among about 1,000 American undergraduate students representing 332 colleges and universities across the United States selected to receive the Gilman Scholarship to study abroad during the summer 2015 semester. Justin Clark of Woodhaven and Holly Toner of Hillsdale were among 860 American undergraduate students awarded the Gilman Scholarship to study abroad for the 2015-16 academic year. Read more.

WMU economincs professors Drs. Asefa and Huang

Dr. Sisay Asefa and
Dr. Wei-Chiao Huang

Economists edit book on governance

Dr. Sisay Asefa and Dr. Wei-Chiao Huang, economics, have edited a new book titled “The Political Economy of Good Governance.”

Recently released by the Upjohn Press, the book features papers presented by a notable group of social scientists during WMU’s 2012-13 Sichel Lecture Series. Asefa and Huang wrote the book’s introduction, presenting a useful definition of governance as well as the general points of good governance and challenges to it. They also wrote the final chapter, which examines topics that relate governance to sustainable development and poverty reduction.The book’s contributors explore additional key dimensions of good governance, as well as what deleterious and negative consequences may arise in its absence. They connect the importance of education, health, climate change, political parties and other issues to address the challenges of creating a world where more countries embrace good governance policies to benefit their peoples.

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