The mission of Western Michigan University's College of Fine Arts is to elevate humanity through the creation, performance, exhibition and study of art, dance, music and theatre, while promoting excellence in artistic, scholarly and cultural education to serve our students, the University and the greater community. 

The College of Fine Arts is a dynamic, artistic and educational community dedicated to offering our talented and diverse students an exceptional education in art, dance, music and theatre that is learner centereddiscovery driven and globally engaged.

The nationally and internationally recognized faculty in the Frostic School of Art, Department of Dance, School of Music and Department of Theatre are working professionals who foster academic and creative excellence, a professional learning environment that inspires exploration and innovation while honoring tradition, and the diversity of human expression.

The college values and advocates

  • The arts as essential for the lifelong learning and enrichment of the individual and the community
  • A dynamic environment that inspires curiosity and innovation while honoring tradition and the diversity of human expression
  • A culture of collegiality and collaboration among students, faculty, staff and administrators in the pursuit of excellence and distinction
  • An integration of technical proficiency with theoretical understanding