The Conferences office welcomes guests to Western Michigan University, and hosts meetings, camps, and conferences for visitors from all over the world. We coordinate a variety of services to help guests plan their visit, and navigate the campus and surrounding Kalamazoo area. Our goal is to take care of the details so visitors can experience a seamless and welcoming stay at WMU.

What we do

Depending on what your groups needs are, the Conferences office can help arrange meeting spaces, banquet facilities, athletic activities and outdoor gatherings. We can coordinate all the details for:

Who we serve

We arrange campus visits for both large and small groups and WMU welcomes visitors of all ages. Our office organizes a variety of conferences for youth groups, high school students, athletic events, academic groups, professional organizations, national and international guests.

One of the largest conferences we host is the International Congress on Medieval Studies, which brings more than 3,000 visitors from all around the world to our campus.

How to begin

Please contact the Conferences staff to begin the process. We will work with you to confirm your conference dates or to arrange for a visit.