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Department news

  • November 2016The Mohammad Hossein Yassaman Endowment for Chemistry Scholarship was established. 
  • November 2016—Dr. Andre Venter has been elected to serve on the editorial board for the Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry.
  • November 2016—The College of Arts and Sciences has selected to award Dr. Elke Schoffers with the Interdisciplinary Engagement Award for the project entitled Science and perception of Climate Change.
  • July 2016—Dr. William Rantz was appointed as Interim Chair of The Department of Chemistry on July 1. Dr. Rantz holds a Ph.D. in Psychology-Applied Behavior Analysis from Western Michigan University. He earned his first Master of Arts degree in Career and Technical Education and a second Master of Arts degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. His undergraduate degree is a Bachelor of Science in Aviation Operations.
  • July 2016—Dr. Yirong Mo and colleagues proposed and validated a new concept termed intramolecular multi-bond strain, which refers to the repulsion among pi bonds. 
  • June 2016—Dr. Gary Blackmer will be recognized for 18 years of service to WMU during a retirement reception from 2 to 4 pm Thursday, June 9, in 3880 Chemistry Building.
  • April 2016—Dr. Steven Bertman was pivotal in developing the new sustainable brewing program in collaboration with KVCC.  The program started in the fall semester of 2015; thirty students at Western Michigan University are already declared majors.
  • February 2015—Dr. Sherine Obare was appointed Interim Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences.
  • January 2015—Dr. Lydia Hines was re-elected as Councilor representing the Local Section to the American Chemical Society.
  • September 2014—Dr. Megan Grunert, along with co-investigators Sue Stapleton (dean of the Graduate College), Jocelyn Steinke (School of Communication) and Renee Swartz (Georgia State University), was awarded a $1,246,037 grant from the National Science Foundation for her project entitled "Understanding URM STEM graduate students identity integration and assimilation into a community of practice."
  • September 2014—Dr. Ramakrishna Guda received a $100,000 grant from the American Chemical Society for his project "Electron-Phonon Interactions in Atamically Monodispersed Gold Cluster/Graphene Oxide Nanocatalysts."
  • June 2014—Dr. Gellert Mezei received a grant in the amount of $284,833 from the National Science Foundation entitled "Selective, high efficiency anion encapsulation by neutral nanojars." Update June 2016: His research is featured in chemistry journals
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