EFest Participants

Entrepreneurs making progress

Four student entrepreneurs are putting in the hard work to succeed. One step in their success: an invitation to participate in E-Fest, a pitch competition for undergraduate students from across the United States.

Photo of Mace

Building IT talent

Matt Mace, B.B.A.’98 and owner and founder of BlueGranite, is dedicated to building future IT talent. He recently established a scholarship for WMU students studying information systems.

Photo of Rea


Dealing with malware is an ongoing problem. A recent development in the form of WannaCry, malware that infected computers in 150 countries, is a wake-up call for organizations, says Dr. Alan Rea, professor of business information systems. 

Student working at computer

WMU launches information security graduate program

Did you know the information security field's growth potential has a predicted 35% growth rate for the 10-year period ending in 2022? The Haworth College of Business and College of Engineering have collaborated to offer an online graduate certificate to provide IT professionals with cyber security training to help them advance in the field. The program is now open for enrollment for fall 2017.


Breakaway to an Emmy win

One alumnus credits networking with putting him on the path to an Emmy Award. Nate Hone, B.B.A.’13, began developing networking skills during his time as an advertising student at WMU, and it paid off.