• Photo of students writing on a dry erase board.

    "I learned to challenge myself, and that I could get through any challenge I faced if I worked hard enough." —Emerson Talanda-Fisher, Otsego High School, Kalamazoo College

  • Photo of students working on an art project on the floor.

    "ATYP challenges both with physical homework load and expansion of the mind, as well as an accepting, open, and imaginative environment." —Cassandra Thompson, Portage Northern High School

  • Photo of a happy girl.

    "The powers of ATYP reach beyond the classroom." —Joelle Renstrom, Kalamazoo Central High School, University of Michigan, University of British Columbia

  • Photo of students and teacher in a classroom.

    “The most nourishing thing for young intellect to have is a connection to what Matthew Arnold once called 'the best which has been thought and said.'" —Spencer Lenfield, Mattawan High School, Harvard University, Rhodes Scholar

  • Photo of students in ties.

    "I love ATYP because of the diversity of the students! Everyone is free to share their opinion without fear of judgment." —Abigail Knuckles, Allegan High School

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