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Transfer to WMU from Schoolcraft College

We are pleased that you are making the smart plan to finish your college career at Western Michigan University. We want to do everything we can to make sure that your transition is smooth and successful. Students transferring from Schoolcraft College will find the information below helpful in making this transition.

Transfer Credit Equivalencies

Visit our transfer credit equivalency page to look up specific courses offered at Schoolcraft College and learn how they will transfer to WMU.

General Education Guide

Use our Schoolcraft College general education guide to be sure you are taking transferable general education courses.

Major Guides

We also offer guides that prepare Schoolcraft College students for a number of specific majors at WMU. If your intended major is not listed, please connect with your WMU representative for further assistance.


WMU recommends checking with your Schoolcraft College advisor or speaking with a WMU academic advisor to make sure that the general education courses you are choosing are the best fit for your intended major.

Your WMU Representative

Alvina Gipson is WMU’s representative to Schoolcraft College. Please contact Erasmo with any questions about your transfer and check out our community college visit page to learn when Alvina will visit Schoolcraft College next.