Master of Science in Accountancy

The Western Michigan University Master of Science in Accountancy program is designed to provide greater breadth and depth in accounting than that delivered in an undergraduate accountancy program. The curriculum helps students further develop their technical expertise, communication skills and understanding of the role of accountants in organizations. The program will prepare graduates for entry-level accounting positions and career advancement. Graduates of the program will be qualified for positions in a wide range of organizations including public accounting, industry and government.

Who should apply

Students with a variety of educational backgrounds are eligible for admission to the M.S.A. program. Those students without prior business or accounting degrees must first acquire basic competencies in business and accounting.


The M.S.A. program enables graduates interested in public accounting careers to meet the American Institute of Certified Public Accountant’s educational requirements. The AICPA requires new members to have earned 150 hours of college credit. The state of Michigan also requires 150 hours of college credit to obtain a CPA license.

Accelerated program

Students who have earned an undergraduate degree in accountancy can complete the M.S.A. program in as few as three semesters if they enroll in a full load of courses each semester. Students who enroll on a part-time basis or do not have an undergraduate degree in accountancy will take longer to complete the program.

For further information about the M.S.A. program, contact Barb Caras-Tomczak. Email Barb Caras-Tomczak.

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