About Us


This website and workshops have been sponsored by the WMU MLK Celebration Committee,
WMU College of Education, WMU departments of English, History, Anthropology, and the School of Social Work,
and Rethinking Schools.

Dr. Allen Webb, professor of English education, postcolonial and minority literature.
Partial Gallery of Teach MLK presenters and facilitators:

Dr. Linwood Cousins, Social Work
Dr. Don Cooney, Social Work
Dr. Von Washington, Theater
Chris Meazroz, Bangor Public Schools
Diane Rogers, Kalamazoo Public Schools
Ken Odle, English
Jennifer Heymoss, Kalamazoo Public Schools
Dr. Lisa Minnick, English
Dr. Allison Downey, Education
Dr. Bill Warren
, History
Dr. Deborah Barnes
Diane Eberts, Kalamazoo Public Schools
Dr. Dini Metro-Roland, Education
Dr. Ed Martini, History
Elaine Sayre, Kalamazoo Central High School
Dr. Elke Schoffer, Chemistry
Dr. Esther Gray, Education
Dr. Gwen Tarbox, English
Dr. Kristina Wirtz, Anthropology
Dr. Lauren Freedman, Education
Dr. Laurence Potter
Linda Dick, English
Linda Lee, Kalamazoo Central High School
Michelle House, English
Dr. Mitch Kachun
Dr. Onaiwu Ogbomo, Africana Studies
Dr. Paul Farber, Education
Ryan Bailey, Kalamazoo Central High School
Shannon Mortimore, English
Todd Bannon, English
William Hawkins, Kalamazoo Public Schools