Higher Education and Student Affairs (HESA) Leadership Concentration


2018-2019 Applications
Higher education and student affairs (HESA) looks forward to accepting applications for the 2018-2019 academic year. The priority deadline for fall 2018 and to be considered for HESA Interview Days is December 15, 2017. After that, applications are reviewed on a space-available basis. For information on admissions, visit the admissions requirement section. HESA Leadership Interview Days 2018 will be held February 22 and 23, 2018.

Study Abroad Tour 2018
HESA looks forward to hosting our second study abroad tour in May 2018 titled: Higher Education in Singapore and Malaysia. 

Program Description

The higher education and student affairs (HESA) concentration in the Master of Arts in educational leadership program focuses on developing reflective practitioners for entry and mid-level positions in higher education. The program emphasizes a practitioner-scholar model to combine a broad-based student development and leadership theory core with required individualized field experiences. Distinctive to the program is an emphasis on the centrality of diversity and inclusiveness in higher education. One of the ways this is actualized is through a required and individually designed diversity cognate. Learn more about the higher education and student affairs leadership concentration.

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Are you considering applying to graduate school in higher education and student affairs (HESA)? We consider the application process an educational one and encourage prospective students to explore the profession of student affairs as well as find out more about our HESA program to ensure a good fit! Various sections of our website have information about exploring the professionprogram mission and goals, admissions requirementscourses, and answers to frequently asked questions. For more information, contact: elrt_hesa@wmich.edu

Application information

To ensure priority and full review of your higher education and student affairs (HESA) application (certificate and cohort), and to be eligible for higher education and student affairs leadership interview days, please complete all parts of your application and make sure they reach us, including references, no later than Dec.15 of each year. Generally, students who apply by the deadline will be notified by late January. 

Course information

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Frequently asked questions

In frequently asked questions you can learn more about the program, career opportunities, Interview Days, and more!

More information

For inquiries about the higher education and student affairs (HESA) program, please contact the faculty coordinator, Dr. Ramona Lewis, at elrt-hesa@wmich.edu.


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  • Dr. Ramona Lewis, faculty specialist II, higher education and student affairs (HESA) faculty program coordinator
  • Dr. Donna Talbot, professor and chair of the Department of Educational Leadership, Research and Technology
  • Dr. Eric Archer, assistant professor, Department of Educational Leadership, Research, and Technology
  • Dr. Wanda Hadley, assistant professor, Department of Educational Leadership, Research, and Technology

Part-time faculty