Photo of Wolfgang Schlör
Associate Provost
(269) 387-5890
Photo of Lori Kison
Administrative Assistant
(269) 387-3985
Japan Liaison Advisor
Photo of Billie Blake
Budget Assistant
(269) 387-3660
Photo of Jane Blyth
Executive Director
(269) 387-5890
Photo of Wayne Bond
International Student Activities Program Specialist
(269) 387-4853
Photo of Jon Collier
Technology Coordinator, IT
(269) 387-3906
Photo of Tom Marks
Director of the Center for English Language and Culture for International Students
(269) 387-4804
Photo of Michelle Metro-Roland
Director of Faculty and Global Program Development
(269) 387-3908
Coordinator of International Partnerships
(269) 387-3965
Photo of Lee Ryder
Immigration Officer
(269) 387-5873
Photo of Samer Shammas
Manager of Operations
(269) 387-3950
Photo of Rebecca Solomon
Director of Administration and International Student Advocate
(269) 387-5890
Photo of Margaret von Steinen
Communications Officer
(269) 387-3993
Photo of Juan Tavares
Director of International Admissions and Services
(269) 387-5879
Photo of Michiko Yoshimoto
Soga Japan Center Coordinator
(269) 387-5874
Photo of Ying  Zeng
Senior Coordinator on Asia
(269) 387-3840