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Honors student Deirdre Courtney is showing undergraduates can do research and is doing it with gusto

Lee Honors College graduate assistant wins award
Precious Majors, advising graduate assistant for the Lee Honors College has won the Department Graduate Teaching award for the Educational Leadership, Research and Technology department for 2013-14. Precious (or PJ) will be graduating with a masters in Higher Education and Student Affairs and has been an advising graduate assistant for the Lee Honors College for the past two years. Full list of winners

Maurice Washington named 2014 Newman Civic Fellow

Request for proposals: W.K. Kellog Foundation Racial Healing planning grant
In 2012, the W.K. Kellogg Foundation awarded a Racial Healing planning grant to Western Michigan University. The goals of this planning grant are: (1) deepen the commitment to diversity, inclusion and racial healing within the WMU campus community, (2) address health disparities and equity in the communities of west Michigan and (3) expand WMU’s role as a community leader in support of academic readiness and success from early childhood through college graduation, particularly among those from racially diverse, underserved communities in west Michigan. Activities associated with goal (1) have already been funded and are underway. We seek proposals to conduct planning activities addressing goals (2) and (3). 

The WKKF Racial Healing grant awarded to WMU is intended to support planning and pilot activities that will build capacity for sustained, future activities, especially those related to goals (2) and (3) above. The Racial Healing planning grant period ends April 30, 2015. It is anticipated that a consortium of WMU faculty and staff will apply to WKKF for an implementation grant, based on the outcomes of the planning period activities.

Proposal deadline: May 16, 2014
Awards announced: June 6, 2014

Grant application package

Alumni newsletter now available
March 2014 alumni newsletter

Congratulations Lee Honors College 2014 Presidential Scholars!
Casey N. Mejeur (accountancy), Craig A. Scalpone (aviation sciences), Olivia N. Walser (biological sciences), Jin Y. Woo (chemical and paper engineering), William B. Thayer (chemistry), Bryleigh Loughlin (communication), Paige A. Van De Winkle (English), Derek J. Schrauben (finance and commercial law), Tyler A. Wilson (history), Joshua H. Withee (mathematics), Stephen C. John (mechanical and aerospace engineering), Chelsea A. Helm (music), Catherine M. Abele (occupational therapy), Christopher F. Sudol (political science), Amanda J. Mills (Spanish), Jamie L. Keyser (teaching, learning and educational studies), Christopher G. Miller (world languages and literatures)

Accelerated graduate degree programs
WMU offers a number of accelerated graduate degree programs, whereby undergraduate students meeting certain criteria may take up to 12 graduate credit hours during their senior year. Please see the brochure and accelerated graduate degree program website for more information.

Photo of Montreal.Discover Montreal: World Film Festival
Study abroad opportunity for Aug. 15 through 25, 2014. Applications due May 1, 2014. See the flier for more.

Photo of a female biology student in the lab.Students Advancing Biological Research and Engagement
The Department of Biological Sciences in the College of Arts and Sciences and the Lee Honors College are seeking to establish the Biology Research and Engagement Fund. The fund would award students who have completed one to two years of research with a Biology mentor, and who would benefit from spending a summer dedicating the majority of their time to research.

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