Orientation Information

For Counselor Education Master Student Admission

The orientation session for newly admitted Counselor Education students (Clinical Mental Health; College; Marriage, Couple and Family; and School Counseling) is now available online. Students must complete this online version; there is no longer a face to face orientation session for Counselor Education students.

Shortly after students have been admitted to the program, they will be able to access the online orientation by logging into the GoWMU system, clicking on the e-learning tab, and following the instructions for the online orientation session. Students will complete a series of modules and quizzes. You must complete each quiz with a grade of 100% in order to proceed to the next section of the orientation. However, you may complete each section as many times as necessary to obtain the 100%. You may complete the session in one sitting or come back to it as many times as needed to satisfactorily complete the orientation. You should complete the orientation session within the first semester after admission.

For Rehabilitation Counseling Master Student Admission

The rehabilitation counseling and rehabilitation counseling teaching programs hold an incoming student face to face orientation session every semester. Orientation is mandatory. Please contact your academic advisor for further information.

For Counseling Psychology Master Student Admission

 You may contact the department at 269-387-5100 to schedule an appointment with your adviser.  There will be more information regarding orientation in the near future.