The Bike Stable

Kate Binder and Kevin Martini at Barry ReubaixThe Bike Stable is the Office for Sustainability’s clearinghouse for non-motorized transportation education, advocacy, and policy efforts. It leads workshops, group rides, guided tours, research and the Open Bike Shop. Open Bike Shop provides students, staff, and community members the opportunity to gain hands-on experience fixing their own bikes under the guidance of peer mechanics. The service is free for all, but attendees are required to bring their own parts (with the exception of incidentals such as cables and housing, which can be purchased at The Bike Stable). 

Dean Simionescu testing cargo bike

Bike Stable projects and initiatives include:

  • The Open Bike Shop...Public welcome!
  • Best practice research to guide University policy and planning related to “hotspots,”pathways, bike lanes, ingress/egress, signage, etc.
  • Research on the viability of cargo bicycles and electric assist bicycles in place of motorized campus fleet vehicles
  • Implementation of a low cost, campus-wide bicycle rental program: BroncoBikes


The Bike Stable will be open Wednesdays from 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM, starting Wednesday, May 4, 2016.