Certificate in Biostatistics

The Graduate Certificate in Biostatistics in the Department of Statistics at Western Michigan University is designed for graduate students in statistics, for qualifying graduate students that are not statistics majors, as well as working professionals who want to enhance their background in health-related data analysis including physicians, nurses, clinical researchers, health educators and administrators.

Admission Requirements

Applicants are expected to have completed an introductory course in statistics.

Program Requirements

The program requires 18 credit hours.

Required courses

  • STAT 6030: Fundamentals of Biostatistics (three hours)
  • STAT 6040: Statistics for Epidemiology (three hours)
  • STAT 6050: Fundamentals of Clinical Trials (three hours)

Choose three from the following electives

  • STAT 6620: Applied Linear Models (three hours)
  • STAT 6640: Design of Experiments I (three hours)
  • STAT 6680: Categorical Data Analysis (three hours)
  • STAT 6800: SAS Programming Credits (three hours)
  • STAT 6810: Survival Data Analysis (three hours)

For graduate students at WMU, up to nine hours of approved quantitative research courses taken by the students from their own departments can be substituted in place of courses on this list. These courses would count, as appropriate, for their graduate degree.


The online application is used to apply for all graduate programs.


Program outline:

Once you have been admitted to the certificate program, you will need to create a program outline with the certificate advisor.