• Small group practice

    Learn and practice

    Most students are involved in six class experiences daily. Sample schedules.

  • Group of campers

    Lasting friendships

    Making new musician friends is just one benefit of attending Seminar. Apply Now

  • Students ice skating

    Fun and activities

    Seminar campers work and practice hard. And they play hard. Lots of evening activities add to the fun.

  • Students on stage performing


    All your practice will pay off during closing performances.

Western Michigan University's Seminar summer music camp is designed to serve as an enjoyable, pre-college experience for serious musicians in grades 9 through 12. It is organized to promote artistic, social, recreational and cultural interaction among the participating young artists. It simultaneously serves as a vital experience for the students as well as a valid artistic representation of the School of Music at Western Michigan University. 

During camp, students participate in the following:

  • Ensembles—Traditional large ensemble and chamber music experiences are reflected in the sample schedules:
  • Private Lessons—Each woodwind, brass, and percussion student will receive one 30-minute private lesson and one 50-minute group lesson each week. String students receive one 50-minute private lesson each week. Piano students receive one 30-minute lesson daily. Each singer and composer will receive one 25-minute private lesson each week.
  • Performance Class—All students gather daily for a live music listening experience (30 minutes) featuring mini-recitals by the Seminar faculty, alumni and guest artists. 
  • Musicianship—Each student has a daily 50-minute musicianship (music theory) class assigned by level of ability ranging from the fundamentals of intervals, scales, key and time signatures to modes, counterpoint, and harmonization. There is an aural skills component to each class, where students have an opportunity to refine their sight singing and ear training and develop more reliable musical memory. WMU School of Music theory faculty have developed a music theory website that provides assistance with music theory concepts.
    music theory help site
  • Electives—Each student will choose one 50-minute elective class from an array of options. Possibilities include instrumental jazz techniques, computers and music, beginning piano, introduction to music therapy, music history topics, chamber winds, vocal chamber music, etc.