Dr. Hadden Wins Prestigious Legal Foundation Grant


Dr. Sally Hadden

Dr. Sally Hadden recently won the William Nelson Cromwell Foundation grant to support publication of her forthcoming book on the forebears, formation, and early years of the U.S. Supreme Court. The book is co-authored with Dr. Maeva Marcus, Research Professor of Law and Director of the Institute for Constitutional History, at George Washington University, and will be published by Cambridge University Press. The William Nelson Cromwell Foundation has long supported the publication of books on American legal history. Established in 1930, the Foundation was established by William Nelson Cromwell, a distinguished corporate lawyer, who wanted to support research in American legal history. Hadden and Marcus’ grant totals $35,000. Their book will explain the English and colonial American background out of which the first constitutions and first American supreme courts developed; the processes and intellectual developments that allowed the U.S. Supreme Court to come into existence; and the important cases that the court heard during its early years.

Congratulations Dr. Hadden on this prestigious and important grant.