Doctoral Candidacy

About Doctoral Candidacy

A candidate for a doctoral degree, prior to the session or semester in which the dissertation is defended, is required to have earned or completed satisfactorily the following and to have received approval by the academic program unit to continue study toward a doctoral degree:

  1. A degree program grade point average of 3.0 or better (3.25 in some programs)
  2. Appointment of a doctoral dissertation committee and approval of the dissertation proposal by the committee
  3. All courses (excluding dissertation credit) and program requirements
  4. All research tool requirements
  5. Comprehensive examinations
  6. Fulfillment of the residency requirement, if required by the program

Individual programs may have additional requirements for candidacy.

the Doctoral Candidacy Process

In order to gain Doctoral Candidacy status, and student must submit the Admission to Doctoral Candidacy Form.  

  1. The  form is interactive. Please type all information directly into the form before printing out and also use the drop down boxes, when required.
  2. Gather signatures from your Committee Chair and Members
  3. Submit one copy to the Graduate College for the Dean's signature at the following address: 260 W Walwood Hall, Kalamazoo, MI 49008-5242.
  4. After the form has been signed by the Graduate College dean, a copy of this form will be sent electronically to the student, to the department’s program advisor, and to the department’s office coordinator.

Please Note: The Admission to Doctoral Candidacy Form requires entry of the beginning and ending dates of comprehensive examinations. The comprehensive examination process and procedures vary across disciplines/programs. Please provide the initial date of the first comprehensive examination (the first date the exam was taken) and then provide the date that the last comprehensive examination was passed.

Contact the Graduate College for questions or concerns by phone at (269) 387-8212

Admission to Doctoral Candidacy Form