Fostering Success Coach Training

The Fostering Success Coach Training and Certification is designed for professionals who are working with students who have experienced foster care or have lived through multiple adverse childhood experiences, as defined by the Adverse Childhood Experiences study. The Fostering Success Coaching Model was developed at Western Michigan University, a four-year university, through its campus-based support program for students from foster care.Student working with coach

The Fostering Success (FS) Coach model of practice provides a framework for professionals to offer integrative support to students from foster care preparing for or enrolled in post-secondary education. Developed, refined and tested at Western Michigan University, the Fostering Success Coach Model can be applied as a full program of support or adapted as a core skill set to educational advisors, educational mentors, and other professionals providing support to young people who have experienced foster care and/or adverse childhood experiences (ACE) during key transition periods to post-secondary education, and from post-secondary graduation to career

Continuing Education Opportunities

The Fostering Success Coach Training is a great opportunity to learn new skills and earn your professional continuing education credits. The Fostering Success Coach Training Level I currently offers approved WMU CEUs, SCECHs and Michigan Social Work Continuing Education Credits.

2018-19 Trainings and Events

Fostering Success Coach Training

The Fostering Success Coach Training was developed in an effort to teach professionals the Fostering Success Coaching Model. Training provides intense skill development, and effectively equips professionals with practical tools to partner with students. It also provides a network of other coaches to learn from and with, and expert consultation opportunities. There are three levels to the Training and Certification process, which are described in detail below. 

Training level

Time to complete

Mode of training


Fostering Success Coach: Level 1

Three days



Fostering Success Coach: Level 2

Six to 12 months

Combination of Web-based and teleconference


Fostering Success Coach: Certified: Coming Soon

12 to 24 months

Combination of in-person and Web-based


Fostering Success Coach: Level I

This beginning level introduces the seven core elements and three practice elements, which make up the core infrastructure of the Fostering Success Coach Model. Level I training focuses on building a strong conceptual foundation for working with youth, and provides basic practice skill set for working with students from foster care. Highlights include:

  • Learn the seven core elements of the Fostering Success Coaching Model philosophy of action: interdependent relationships, cultural humility, learner centered, teaching in real time, skill-based assets, network development, empowerment evaluation.
  • Learn the three practice steps of the Fostering Success Coaching Model, which make up a coaching interaction: assess, prioritize, teach.
  • Learn basic coaching skills that help students thrive in education and career development.

Student standing between coaches.

Fostering Success Coach: Level II

This intermediate level introduces advanced practice skills, and emphasizes building competency in applying the Fostering Success Coaching Model to challenges of persistent or crisis nature and presented by students and systems.  Highlights include:

  • Learn how to apply the Fostering Success Coaching Model to scenarios involving student crisis and conflict and system inequities.
  • Learn how to use coaching data to inform incremental skill building with students and professional development as a coach.
  • Learn the Fostering Success Coaching Model Intervention Review Method for systematic reflection of coaching interactions with students.
  • Learn strategies to improve institutional systems of student support.
  • Learn intermediate coaching skills that help students thrive in education and career development.

Fostering Success Coach: Certified

This level incorporates a train the trainer approach, teaching the Level I and II material for training, supervision, and consulting purposes with beginning and intermediate coaches. Highlights include:

  • Learn to use the Fostering Success Coaching Supervision Model with individuals who have completed Level I and II trainings.
  • Learn how to train the Fostering Success Coach Training curriculum at Levels I and II.