The Seita Scholars Program

The Seita Scholars program began at Western Michigan University in Fall 2008. Today, the program is part of the Center for Fostering Success which has the mission improve college graduation and career achievement rates among youth and young adults (12 to 25 years old) aging out of the foster care system. The Center has three main components:

    1. STUDENT SUPPORT: Direct service delivery and student support to young people aging out of the foster care system and enrolled at Western Michigan University (the Seita Scholars Program);
    2. OUTREACH AND TRAINING: Network building to connect people who are working to improve educational and career trajectories for Michigan's youth and alumni of foster care between the ages of 12 to 25 (Fostering Success Michigan, connect at
    3. RESEARCH AND EVALUATION: Investigation into the needs, challenges and solutions to engage students from foster care to achieve in higher education and thrive in career.

To date, WMU has made great progress on the first component (the Seita Scholars Program). Hear what Seita scholars have to say about the Program's campus coaches, DHS coach, and community-supported activities, check out the video below (4:37 min).

Seita Scholars Program Student Voices

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The Seita Scholars Newsletter is created by the students for our students mainly, but also for our friends of the program. Its purpose is to keep the students involved, to inform of news updates and events relevant to them, and to involve our students in the creation process.


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