Acceptable Use

The Evaluation Center at Western Michigan University provides checklists to facilitate your evaluation work. There is no restriction on or charge for printing the checklists for personal or organizational use. Use of the checklists for commercial purposes, including resale, is prohibited.

Examples of acceptable use of the checklists

  • Distributing copies of a checklist to participants in an evaluation training workshop.
  • Including a copy of a checklist in a coursepack for a higher education course.
  • Including a copy of checklist in an evaluation report.
  • Using a checklist to guide your evaluation work.

Prohibited use of the checklists

  • Adding, removing or modifying checklist content or author information.
  • Reprinting a checklist in a book or journal article without permission.
  • Reproducing a checklist on another website.
  • Selling or licensing a checklist.

Crediting use of the checklists

This website should be credited when any of the site’s checklists are referred to in any written material. For example: 

Patton, M. Q. (2002). Utilization-focused evaluation checklist. Retrieved Sept. 9, 2014, from The Evaluation Center evaluation checklists web page.