Evaluation Checklists

The Checklists

(organized by general topic)

Evaluation Design & Management

Criteria for Selection of High-Performing Indicators: A Checklist to Inform Monitoring and Evaluation by Goldie MacDonald

Criterios de selección de los indicadores de alto rendimiento: Lista de verificación para brindar información sobre el monitoreo y la evaluación  by Goldie MacDonald

Critères de sélection d’indicateurs de haute performance: Liste de contrôle destinée à rendre compte du suivi et de l’évaluation  by Goldie MacDonald

Evaluation Plans and Operations by Daniel Stufflebeam

Evaluation Budget Development by Jerry Horn

Evaluation Contracts by Daniel Stufflebeam

Evaluation Design by Daniel Stufflebeam

Negotiating Agreements by Robert Stake

Evaluation Feedback Workshops by Arlen Gullickson & Daniel Stufflebeam

Evaluation Reports by Gary Miron

Making Evaluation Meaningful to All Education Stakeholders by Paula Gangopadhyay

Evaluation Models

CIPP Model by Daniel Stufflebeam

Constructivist (a.k.a. Fourth Generation) Evaluation by Egon Guba & Yvonna Lincoln

Deliberative Democratic Evaluation by Ernest R. House & Kenneth R. Howe

New! Framework for Program Evaluation in Public Health: A Checklist of Steps and Standards by Goldie MacDonald

Key Evaluation Checklist by Michael Scriven

Qualitative Evaluation by Michael Quinn Patton

Utilization-Focused Evaluation by Michael Quinn Patton

Evaluation Values and Criteria

General Values and Criteria by Daniel Stufflebeam

Duties of the Teacher by Michael Scriven

Educational Products by Michael Scriven

Evaluating Credentialing Testing Programs by Gregory J. Cizek, Amy A. Germuth, & Lorrie A. Schmid

Evaluating K-12 Assessment Programs by Gregory Cizek, Lorrie A. Schmid, & Amy A. Germuth

Lista de Cotejo para Evaluar Programas de Certificación by Gregory Cizek, Lorrie A. Schmid, & Amy A. Germuth

Institutionalization of Technology in Schools by Catherine Awsumb Nelson, Jennifer Post, & Bill Bickel

Large-Scale Assessment Programs by Lorrie Shepard

[DRAFT] Research & Development Center by Daniel Stufflebeam


AEA Guiding Principles by Daniel Stufflebeam, Leslie Goodyear, Jules Marquart, & Elmima Johnson

Legal Viability of Personnel Evaluations by Daniel Stufflebeam & Diana Pullin

Personnel Evaluations by Daniel Stufflebeam

Personnel Evaluation Systems by Daniel Stufflebeam

Program Evaluations (short version) by Daniel Stufflebeam

Program Evaluations (long version) by Daniel Stufflebeam

Program Evaluation Models by Daniel Stufflebeam

Evaluation Capacity Building/Institutionalization

Evaluation Capacity Building by Boris Volkov & Jean King

Institutionalizing Evaluation by Daniel Stufflebeam

Checklist Creation

Checklist Development by Daniel Stufflebeam

Checklist for Formatting Checklists by Barbara Bichelmeyer


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