Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences

If you decide to major in speech pathology and audiology at Western Michigan University you will be well on your way to working with children and adults in schools, hospitals and rehabilitation centers providing diagnostic services for communication disorders such as stroke, autism, deafness, cerebral palsy, paralysis, cleft palate and aging. In this program, you will learn to diagnose, treat and prevent hearing loss and balance disorders; how to select and fit hearing aids and cochlear implants; and about hearing loss prevention and evaluation.

Beyond the classroom

As a speech pathology and audiology student at WMU, you will have a variety of clinical opportunities available to you in the University's Van Riper Language, Speech and Hearing Clinics as well as other facilities throughout southwestern Michigan. You may choose from practicum in voice, aphasia communication enhancement, preschool language intervention, childhood trauma assessment, better hearing workshops, and infant hearing screening.

After you graduate

Completion of the undergraduate program in speech pathology and audiology prepares you for the graduate-level education needed to work in either field. A master's degree in speech and language pathology or a doctoral degree in audiology is the entry-level requirement for certification as a professional.

Career Outcomes

Where is this program offered?

  • Kalamazoo

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