Unless otherwise posted, the Webmasters' User Group meets monthly in the Stewart Tower conference room. The meetings are held from 9 to 10:30 a.m. on the last Wednesday of the month and are a good way to get questions answered and network with peers who also perform Web duties at Western Michigan University. 

Typical meeting schedule

A typical meeting schedule will generally begin with a Content Management System (CMS) update from University Relations, then by a monthly scheduled program. At the end of the meeting each member or guest can choose to participate in a roundtable discussion where everyone can share department Web projects, accomplishments, and ask a question of the group.

Special topic 2014 schedule

Jan. 29 9 to 10:30 Stewart Tower Current Trends on the Web by Alex Aivars
1-29-14 WUG Meeting Notes
Feb. 26 9 to 10:30 Stewart Tower Dan Lobelle will give the group a CMS update, including time for questions and community feedback.
2-26-14 WUG Meeting Notes
CMS Feb. Update
March 26 9 to 10:30 Stewart Tower CMS Tips
3-26-14 WUG Meeting Notes
CMS Insider Tips
April 30 9 to 10:30 Stewart Tower  TBA
May 28 9 to 10:30 Stewart Tower  
June 25 9 to 10:30 Stewart Tower


July 30 9 to 10:30 Stewart Tower


Aug. 27 9 to 10:30 Stewart Tower No meeting
Sept. 24 9 to 10:30 Stewart Tower


Oct. 29 9 to 10:30 Stewart Tower


Nov. 19 9 to 10:30 Stewart Tower


Dec. 17 9 to 10:30 Stewart Tower