How-to and FAQ

How-to and FAQ

How do I search for a specific class through GoWMU?
On the Student tab in GoWMU, click on Course Offerings, then click on Advanced Search. Select the subject of the class (e.g., ENGL for English) and then enter the number in the Course Number field (e.g., 2100 for ENGL 2100). Disregard the remainder of the fields and search.

How do I search for classes within a general education area?
After clicking Advanced Search, select all subjects by holding down the shift key and arrowing down through the list of subjects. Scroll to the bottom of the screen, select the desired general education area from the Attributes field, and search.

How do I register for a class?
Locate the desired section of class using the above procedure, check the box, and click on Register at the bottom of the page. Note: sections with a "C" in place of the check box are closed. Sections denoted by the letters "HC" are reserved for students in the Lee Honors College.

While trying to register, I'm getting an error saying I need to register for both a lecture and a lab.
Many courses require registration in both a lecture section and a lab (or discussion) section for the same course. One can get such information by clicking on the Course Reference Number (CRN) of any class, which is the five-digit number listed in blue toward the left side of the search results screen. Or, one can generally identify a lecture/lab course by noting that some sections are listed as having 3.00 (or 4.00) credits, while other sections are listed as having 0.00 credits. Generally speaking, a course requiring registration in both a lecture and lab section will have a 3.00- or 4.00-credit lecture section listed in the registration menu, followed by several 0.00-credit lab sections. To successfully register for the course, click the check box for the lecture section as well as clicking the box of the desired lab section, and click Register at the bottom of the page.

I'm getting a "campus" error while trying to register.
Chances are that the campus error was generated by trying to register for a course reserved for Lee Honors College students. Such courses are denoted by the letters "HC." Contact an advisor for any other campus registration errors.

I'm getting a "prerequisite or test score" error.
Normally, prerequisite/test score errors occur when a student is trying to register for a class that has a prerequisite course that was taken at a community college and transferred to WMU, or when a student is trying to register for an advanced language course before the foreign language placement test score or community college transfer credit is detectable in the registration system. In either case, contact an advisor for assistance.

I'm getting a "major restriction" error.
This error occurs when students try to register for a course that is restricted to students in a certain major. Contact an advisor for more information about options in these cases.

I have a hold on my account that says I need to see an advisor.
Every Exploratory Advising student has a registration hold placed on his or her account each fall and spring semester. The hold serves as a courtesy reminder to students that it is time to schedule an appointment or come in for walk-in advising ahead of scheduling classes for the following semester. Students should meet with an advisor before the first day they can register for the following semester; at the conclusion of that meeting, the registration hold will be removed.

I have a different type of hold on my account that is preventing me from withdrawing from a class.
Students with financial or other types of holds who need to withdraw from a class should contact the Office of the Registrar before the withdrawal deadline (usually the 10th week of the fall or spring semester) to be removed from the class.

What time does priority registration start?
Most priority registration days begin at 8:00 a.m. Sometimes groups of students are cleared to begin registering at noon on select days. See the latest priority registration schedule (under the Information for Students heading) for details.


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