About Exploratory Advising

What is Exploratory Advising?

Exploratory Advising is the academic advising office at Western Michigan University devoted to assisting students in the process of declaring a major. The office primarily advises students who have not yet decided on a major, but also serves students who are waiting to audition for a program in the College of Fine Arts or are taking prerequisite courses ahead of declaring an engineering major.

What does it mean to be an Exploratory Advising student?

Most Exploratory Advising students have chosen to thoroughly research their options before declaring a major. This means that Exploratory Advising students create time aside from classes, work, campus life and socializing to research and contemplate possible majors. Our office assists in this process.

Students can begin the research process by viewing WMU's full list of undergraduate majors here.

Exploratory Advising students meet with an academic advisor a minimum of once per semester in order to stay on track to declaring a major and graduating in a timely manner. All first-year Exploratory Advising students enroll in FYE 2100, a two-credit-hour class designed to give students a strong start to their college careers and to educate students about important campus offices and resources.


Exploratory Advising
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