What is the WMU brand and how does it fit into the strategic plan?

The WMU brand and vision are complementary to each other. While they are not the same, they support each other and work simultaneously to strengthen the University and tell its story.

WMU is guided by its vision and three pillars. It is defined by its brand.

The WMU vision

WMU's vision is:

Nationally and internationally recognized, the University aspires to distinguish itself as learner centered, discovery driven and globally engaged.

The vision and its three pillars—learner centered, discovery driven and globally engaged—are part of the overarching strategic plan. They guide the University's decisions; they are the motivation behind its actions. They do not describe what it means to be a Bronco or the experiences people have at WMU.

The WMU brand

WMU's brand promise is:

WMU offers the opportunities of a national research university in close-knit, friendly learning communities where world-class faculty know their students. WMU empowers its students for a transformative experience that prepares them to contribute in remarkable ways to the global community.

WMU's brand attributes are:

  • WMU offers a transformational experience—this University changes lives.
  • WMU offers a rigorous curriculum—it is tough.
  • WMU faculty are committed to student success—they are devoted.
  • WMU offers the ideal campus experience—this is home.
  • WMU prepares students for the real world—WMU alumni are ready.

The WMU brand is the WMU experience. It explains what it means to be a Bronco. It is how WMU is described by current and prospective students and their families, alumni and donors, faculty and staff members, and the extended community.

WMU is guided by its vision and three pillars.
It is defined by its brand.