Referral Process

Physician referral is required for a diagnostic evaluation through the Western Evaluation Center for Autism and Neurodevelopmental Disorders at Western Michigan University.
Please complete our referral form and fax the completed form and accompanying medical records to (269) 387-7026, ATTN: WECAN.

If it is determined that our clinic is able to meet your child's needs, a comprehensive evaluation will be scheduled with our clinic. If it is determined that our clinic is not able to meet the referral concern, we will refer to other community resources and agencies that will be able to address the family’s current needs. The referring physician's office will be informed of the outcome of this process. After completion of the WECAN evaluation and feedback with the family, the referring physician's office will be sent a copy of the diagnostic report and treatment recommendations.


Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Guide for the Primary Care Physician

This guide features an algorithm, developed by the Michigan Autism Council, that assists health care professionals in making referrals for further evaluation following positive results of surveillance or screening for ASD. This resource will help to link youth and their families with the appropriate community resources to access autism evaluation and treatment services, consistent with the state autism insurance reform. For more information regarding autism insurance reform, visit the Michigan Autism Program Website.

Reprinted with permission from the Michigan Autism Council and Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.

Autism Alliance of Michigan

The Autism Alliance of Michigan is a non-profit organization that offers coordinated advocacy service, education about autism, the state autism insurance reform and other related topics, community support and comprehensive service navigation across the state of Michigan.