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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to make an appointment to see a tutor?
No; simply stop in during their scheduled hours.

Do I have to make an appointment to go to the SI session?
No; simply show up at the time listed for your class.

Do I have to register ahead of time to attend any of the College Success Seminars? No; just come to the seminar.

Do I have to go to all of the College Success Seminars?
Come to only the ones that you need or want. You can skip some completely; you could repeat some if you want to do so. They are all about helping you develop or refine your studying strategies.

I'd like to talk with someone about my studying. Is there someone I can meet with individually?
The person leading our College Success Seminars is available during scheduled office hours. You can make an appointment or simply drop by. If the hours conflict with your schedule, you can email us or talk after one of the seminar sessions you attend.

I'd rather meet one-to-one with the tutor. How can I do that?
While we're unable to ensure that you will be the only person coming to see the tutor, the tutor will provide you with the assistance that you need. Additionally, you might be able to help another student with their question by what you ask and they might be able to help you as well.

How much does it cost?
Everything the Academic Resource Center offers is free of charge to WMU students - but priceless!

Why won't my SI leader just tell me what the answer is to my question?
The goal of our tutors and SI leaders is to make each student an independent learner. If they told you the answer to your question, could you apply the same thought process to other types of questions in your class? Probably not; therefore, they will guide you to discover how to get your own answers. That way, you'll be better prepared for other class assignments and tests.

I don't see any help listed for a course that I am taking this term. Why? What can I do for help?
The ARC offers course assistance in as many classes as our budget allows. Therefore, we target the courses in which students have historically been especially challenged. Some options for you include:

Is this the office for students to receive accommodations because of disabilities?
No, that office is Disability Services for Students

Are the tutors volunteers?
While we may periodically have some tutors who volunteer, for the most part all of our tutors and SI leaders are upper-level student employees.

What do I do if I'd like to come to tutoring, but:

What do I need to do to prepare for a tutoring/SI session?
Go to class regularly. Read your textbook and references materials. Attempt the homework. Bring your questions, text, paper, pencil, laptop, and/or anything else that you might need for the class.

What is SI?
Supplemental Instruction™ (SI) is attached to specific courses which are historically difficult. The SI leader attends class sessions and then holds voluntary out-of-class study sessions. These SI sessions are conducted regularly and typically begin the second week of class. Course content is integrated with learning strategies. The SI leader is trained in specific teaching/learning theories and techniques. The SI leader is not a TA.

Do you really expect me to study about 30 hours a week?
If you're a full-time student, yes, you should be studying approximately 30 hours each week. It truly will make the difference between just getting by and excelling. For more information, check out our "30 Matters" website.