Air Travel Authorization—Online Training

RECOMMENDED: For best viewing go to itunes.wmich.edu for large video formats!

(Please note you will need to have the iTunes application on your computer for this option.)

  1. Select Login to WMU on iTunes U at itunes.wmich.edu
  2. Login with your BroncoNet ID and password
  3. Select Launch iTunes
  4. Scroll down to WMU Tutorials and "How To's" and select a Travel Authorization
  5. Select the training video you would like to watch.


View the training videos below in a smaller .mov format. QuickTime Player is required for viewing.

    Location (.mov 3.8 mb)
    (.mov 3.2 mb)
    Online Help (.mov 7.1 mb)
    Searches (.mov 12.5 mb)
    Profiles (14.1 .mov)
    Authorization (.mov 38.9 mb)
    Routing (.mov 15.8 mb)
    AAA (.mov 7.7 mb)
    Post AAA (.mov 4.1 mb)
Travel Authorization


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Online Tutorial
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* Please note that the login to RESX is not your BroncoNet ID and password.


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