Technical Reports

The technical reports of the completed TRCLC research projects are provided below. 

TRCLC 14-01: Exploring the Equity Dimensions of US Bicycle Sharing Systems

TRCLC 14-02: Developing Performances Measures to Capture the Effects of Transportation Facilities on Multiple Public Health Outcomes

TRCLC 14-04: Conditions that Influence Drivers’ Yielding Behavior at Uncontrolled Crossings and Intersections with Traffic Signal Controls

TRCLC 14-05: Development of Decision Support Tools to Assess Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety: Development of Safety Performance Functions

TRCLC 14-07: Development of Decision Support Tools to Assess Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety: Focus on Population, Demographic and Socio-Economic Spectra 

TRCLC 14-08: Big Data Analytics to Aid Developing Livable Communities

TRCLC 14-09: Alternatives for Providing a Safe Passage for Non-motorized Traffic across an Existing Highway Bridge

TRCLC 14-10: Innovative Park-and-Ride Management for Livable Communities

TRCLC 14-11: Travel in Adverse Winter Weather Conditions by Blind Pedestrians

TRCLC 14-12: Capacity analysis of pedestrian facilities involving individuals with disabilities

 TRCLC 15-04: Travel Behavior of Blind Individuals Before and After Receiving Orientation and Mobility Training

TRCLC 15-05: Infrastructure and Technology for Sustainable Livable Cities

TRCLC 15-07: App-based Crowd Sourcing of Bicycle and Pedestrian Conflict Data

TRCLC 15-09: Impact of Access Management Practices to Pedestrian Safety

TRCLC 15-13: Exploring Bicycle Route Choice Behavior with Space