Terms and Conditions

TotalTECH Payroll Dedution Guidelines and Regulations


  • A maximum balance of $1,500 can be charged through payroll deduction.
  • A maximum of two concurrent payroll deductions can occur at any one time.


  • Can be spread out over 13 or 26 pay periods.
    • Purchases of $300–$899 must be paid back over 13 pay periods or less.
    • Purchases of $900–$1,500 must be paid back over 26 pay periods or less.
  • All new payroll deductions that are processed will incur a $15 set-up fee.
  • A down payment of 10% of the total purchase price of the item(s) must be paid at the time of the transaction.
  • An employee must sign a TotalTECH Payroll Deduction Purchase Form from the WMU Bookstore shops to use this service.
  • An employee using the payroll deduction can make additional payments or pay off the balance of their account at Auxiliary Enterprises, Located on the 4th floor of Moore Hall if desired. Additional payments can only be made by increasing the amount taken out of your pay check. In extreme circumstances we can accept checks, credit cards or cash.
  • Only the employee who have been pre-approved and whose name is on the TotalTECH Payroll Deduction Purchase Form can use the payroll deduction feature.
  • Western Michigan University reserves the right to withhold any remaining balance owed from the employee’s last paychecks if employment is terminated or if the employee leaves the University before the balance is paid off. The agreement shall be legally binding while employeed at Western Michigan University unless revoked in writing.