Disability Services

Amplified Rooms for Hearing Disabled

Classrooms with 50 or more seats are equipped with microphones and infrared emitter systems.  Students may contact Disabled Student Services for a headset that will work with the infrared emitters to amplify the presenter's voice including any DVD or computer audio. For more information contact Disabled Services for Students or call (269) 387-2116.

Eligibility Process

Resource Guide for Faculty and Staff

This resource guide is designed to assist faculty and staff in teaching and working with students with disabilities. Federal legislation mandates that, as an institution receiving federal funds, Western Michigan University must provide reasonable accommodations that afford equal educational opportunity for all students. If a student identifies him/herself as having a disability and requests accommodations, it is your responsibility to ensure the learning environment is accessible and the accommodations provided. The particulars of each student’s needs should be discussed so that both of you understand and agree upon what arrangements must be made. At a minimum, you should 1) make sure the students is aware of the services available through DSS, 2) request a letter of accommodation from DSS, 3) meet with the student to agree upon the terms of the accommodation request, and 4) look to your academic department for assistance in providing accommodations.For more information contact  Disabled Services for Students or call (269) 387-2116.

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Test Accommodation

It is the student's responsibility to arrange for their testing accommodations. Please discuss accommodation requests with your instructors at the beginning of each semester when you present your accommodation card. A few days before each exam, remind your instructor of your accommodation needs, determine arrangements of time, room and test delivery. For more information contact Disabled Services for Students or call (269) 387-2116.

Test Accommodations Info