Jamilya Williams - Former Student

Jamilya Williams - Former Student

Teaching, Learning and Educational Studies

Jamilya Williams

Jamilya Williams

Graduation year: 1999
Major:  Elementary Education Triple minor
Minors: Reading, Math, and Science
Hometown:  Originally Bitely, MI.  Now in Ferndale, MI

What experience was most helpful in preparing you for your career?
The multiple settings for application and practice of all material studied in-class were extremely helpful in not only preparation but also in choosing the most appropriate grade level to teach after graduation.  WMU was extremely current in the strategies and all of the professors had been teachers and truly taught me how to be a teacher.  WMU continues to provide me with an impressive resume given their reputation of producing quality educators.

What is the funniest thing you've witnessed at WMU?
BUSTER!! I love Buster the Bronco.  During my years he was always very entertaining during all university events. 

What surprised you the most about WMU?
It surprised me that it took me ten years to realize that my years at WMU were the best years of my life so far.  I’d come back and work for WMU again if I could only find a way.

Favorite WMU class:
GEOS 1000 was the introduction class with “the toughest” professor, Mrs. Estella Atekwana.  She sparked a new love for me.  Her accent was thick, but that made you listen more closely and learn even more.  The best part was studying for the HUGE lab final.  She scared us with that final but put us in study groups, and taught us tricks to remember the names of rocks and how to identify them.  Her class gave my older brother and me something in common. 

Favorite faculty/staff member?
Art class with Ms. Eleanor Neu.  I had to take her class twice but I am so happy I did.  She was the most knowledgeable and supportive instructor I had.  She touched my inner spirit and I pull out her words of wisdom every time I teach art.  We had so much fun in her class and I had THE BEST pre-internship with her constant support and encouragement to follow my instinct.

My greatest accomplishment in life so far:
I have accomplished many things since graduating, but I still am very proud of the fact that I graduated in 1999!  To me an accomplishment is something no one can take away.

I changed my major in the Fall of my Junior year.  My advisor said I had too many classes to take and couldn’t do it.  I loaded up on 18 credit hour class loads for 2 years.  I took classes at WMU and KVCC during the fall, winter, spring, and summer.  I DID IT!!  For the hard work of beating the odds back then I have yet to push myself that hard to achieve a goal of which I am more proud.

Tell us about your job:
I have been an elementary educator for the past 10 years working mostly in public school systems but recently for a charter school.  Working for the public school system has been a joy and a wonderful experience.


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