Administrator Certification Program

In August 2006, Michigan created a K-12 administrator certification program whereby students can complete required educational leadership courses from a state-approved university program and receive a single K-12 administrator certificate and two basic endorsements (principal and central office). In June 2014, the Michigan Department of Education approved and applied new standards for all K-12 administrative certifications.

All students must follow the new approved standards.

Students taking Educational Leadership classes should use this program and application for the administrative certification.

Application—Program for in or after summer II 2014.

Any questions as to which program of study and application to use should be directed to the WMU Department of Educational Leadership,Research and Technology


Students must have completed the required educational leadership degrees or courses from WMU in order to be recommended by the College of Education and Human Development Office of Teacher and Administrator Certification.

Central office endorsement

Must possess a master's degree and:

  • have completed 21 additional educational leadership credits at WMU or
  • have completed 21 additional educational leadership substitute credits at WMU

If you wish to enroll in graduate courses at WMU, you must either apply to enter the Master of Arts, Specialist in Education or Doctor of Philosophy in educational leadership or apply to be a non-degree seeking student.

This information is intended to cover most, but not all, situations. WMU reserves the right to modify these decisions as needed to ensure compliance with state laws and policies governing certification.