Open Bike Shop

Steve Makuch adjusts a derailleurTHE BIKE SHOP IS CLOSED FOR SUMMER 2017
(sorry for the inconvenience) 

The Open Bike Shop provides students, staff, and community members a weekly opportunity to gain hands-on experience fixing their own bikes under the guidance of peer mechanics. The service is free for all, but attendees are required to bring their own parts (with the exception of incidentals such as cables and housing, which can be purchased at The Bike Stable).

Peer mechanics provide:

  • Guidance on adjustments to mechanical components
  • Training on safe tool use
  • Help with selection and installation of replacement parts
  • Information about safe riding and local bicycle routes

Peer mechanics do not provide pay-for-service repairs.
Participants are expected to work on their own bicycles as much as possible and bicycles may not be dropped off for service.

Location: Office for Sustainability, 2529 W Michigan Avenue
Day/time: Thursday, 1:00 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.
After hours: If you have a bicycle maintenance emergency you may use our free 24-hour Dero Fixit station. The station is located on the north side of the building (along W Michigan Ave) and includes a selection of common tools.