Recent Awards


Jessica Graves and Turner Slaughter: Engineers without Borders Sustainable Water Project

Sandra Graybill and Megan Bogel: Locklizard for Office of Student Conduct

Rachel Holbert and Cheruba Daniel: Costa Rica: The Great Green Experiment

Hailey Olson and Shannon Ervin: Students for a Sustainable Earth- Conservation

Logan Ryzenga and Riley Todd: Take the Stairs

Albert Wright and Jumana Turkistani: Solid State Light Conversion



Rojeliio Batas and Austin Seavolt: Hydration for Health and the Environment

Bo Ching Wong and Krystal York: Sunseeker Solar Cells and Trailer Purchase

Bradley Rangel and Siobhan Williams: Hydration Station for Trimpe


Fall 2016  AWARDEES

  • Luis Morales and Andrew Klug: Alternative Transportation: Hydraulic-Electronic Bicycle
  • Brianna Brown and Amber Hojnacki: Permaculture from Mesoamerica to Kalamazoo

Spring 2016  AWARDEES

  • Jill Puckett and Shannon Bajo: Hydration Station
  • Janet Aladetohun and Elivira Ubaldo Ace Ruiz: Peace Week: Hullabazoo and Hooping for Self-Care
  • Morgan MacFarlane and Annalisa Wilder: A Proposal to Add More Trees to the Goldsworth Valley Pond Area
  • Cameron Wolbrink: T-Shirt Swap
  • Ben Giese: Student Wildlife Survey 



  • Christine Uggeri: The WeGrow to Give Community Project: at the Community Garden
  • Casey Wright and Lainey Barber: Green Chemistry as a Sustainable Approach to the Undergraduate Chemistry Laboratory
  • Gregory Johnson and David Sellers: Sustainable Light Activated Catalysts
  • Anja Grommons and Lauren Rabish: Locally Sweet Treats
  • Annalisa Wilder and Chiante Lymon: A Proposal to Hold a Bike Safety Day on Campus 
  • Erika Fojtik and Kelsey Pitschel: Sustainable Bicycle Generator

Spring 2015 Awardees

  • Nora Gimpel and Taylor Sawyer: Sustainable Student Cafe
  • Bryan Harris and Cameron Knight: Sunseeker Solar Array Encapsulation Project
  • Krysta Coleman and Jesus Romero: Carbon Neutral USB Drives -- RSO Orientation
  • Courtney Cox: Western Student Association T-Shirt Swap Grant Proposal


Fall 2014 Awardees

  • Kate Binder: Energy Reduction with the We-Mo Switch
  • Ali Leist and Shaana Way: 2015 North American National Bee Conference
  • Candace Fastenhammer and Jesus Romero: Leaders Unplugged Backpacking Equipment
  • Kelsey Pitschel and Eli Lowry:  Compost Hot Water Heater Workshop and Installation
  • Cody Potter and Thinh Nguyen:  LED Research Station
  • Andrew Brower and Quincy Campbell: Ultros 3D Printer and Recycled Filament Extruder
  • Carlos Daniels and Kyle Simpson: Integrated Aquaculture Feed
  • Courtney Gullett and Julee Reed: Michigan Mi-Plate
  • Zachary Morhous and Johan Mejia:  Sustainable Shade Structures as part of the Fountain Plaza Remodel
  • Karen Haubert and Robert Galman:  Solar Car Energy Storage Optimization

 For more detailed information about these grants (including awards and abstracts) check out the following link: 

Past Awardees