About Sunseeker

Founded in 1990, the Sunseeker Solar Car Project, Sunseeker for short, is the solar car racing team at Western Michigan University. The team is comprised of students from many academic disciplines, who join together to design and build a solar powered vehicle that utilizes state of the art technology, to make the most efficient use of the available solar energy. Students have the opportunity to apply classroom knowledge to a hands-on project, utilizing teamwork to achieve a common goal. The culmination of the project is the biennial, cross-country, international, intercollegiate American Solar Challenge, ASC for short. The ASC is a 1,700 mile test of the efficiency, safety, and durability of the student built solar car. The team has participated in all ten American Solar Challenges, and is one of only four to have done so.

The team also promotes the use of renewable, alternative energy, and the advancement of related technologies by educating the public through the presentation and demonstration of our solar powered vehicles at schools, museums, energy fairs, car shows, parades and other special events.