Meet the Team

The following individuals make up the current Sunseeker Solar Car Project. You may also look through our alumni and past team members.

Nicholas Patzer's Picture Nicholas Patzer
  • Project Manager
Regan Thorpe's Picture Regan Thorpe LinkedIn Profile
  • Assistant Project Manager
Molly Bowers's Picture Molly Bowers
  • Mechanical Lead
Alex Brunk's Picture Alex Brunk LinkedIn Profile
  • Aero Lead
  • Is this thing hot? Ow!
Austin Gilbert's Picture Austin Gilbert
  • Electrical Lead
Sarah Rolniak's Picture Sarah Rolniak
  • Driver Lead
Justin True's Picture Justin True
  • Webmaster
Karl Calkins's Picture Karl Calkins
  • Aero
Colin Ceisel's Picture Colin Ceisel
  • Mechanical
Daniel Gron's Picture Daniel Gron
  • Mechanical
Colin Haynes's Picture Colin Haynes
  • Mechanical
John Hungerford's Picture John Hungerford
  • Mechanical
Brandon Robbins's Picture Brandon Robbins
  • Electrical
Jacob Smith's Picture Jacob Smith
  • Mechanical
Bo Ching Wong's Picture Bo Ching Wong LinkedIn Profile
  • Business
Dana Wyckoff's Picture Dana Wyckoff
  • Aero
  • I don't like people.
Bradley Bazuin's Picture Bradley Bazuin
  • Faculty Advisior
  • Electrical Engineering
Mitchel Keil's Picture Mitchel Keil
  • Faculty Advisior