Sunseeker 2010 crossing the finish line at Circuit of the Americas during FSGP 2013.

Sunseeker 2010

The 2010 car is the most recent solar car produced by the team. It was completed in 2010, and is the primary vehicle used by the team for races and other public events. It has competed in three American Solar Challenge and five Formula Sun Grand Prix races since its debut.

The car is not likely to compete in any future races due to its age and new regulations making it more costly to maintain.

Fast Facts

Mechanical Specifications

Weight with Driver 781 lb / ~354 kg
Body and Frame Fiberglass, carbon fiber and Innegra composite with steel roll cage
Front Suspension Machined aluminium unequal A-arm
Rear Suspension Steel tube trailing arm
Layout Three Wheels (2 front, 1 rear, FWD)
Rims Carbon Fiber (By GHCraft)
Tires 14 inch Bridgestone Ecopia

Electrical Specifications

Solar Cells Sunpower A-300 (372 total)
Solar Array Area 65 ft2 / 6 m2
Solar Array Output 1.2 kW
Battery Lithium Polymer
Battery Weight 44 lb / 20 kg
Motors 2 x 6HP CSIRO with stationary axle
Top Speed 80 mph / 130 kmh