Day 3: Final Preparations

Posted by Joshua Allen on June 27th, 2013 at 7:32 am
Hello all,

Just a quick update on today's events before I crash for the night.

We successfully re-tested the car on the dynamic braking test to get our tire pressure limit raised from 65 PSI to 90 PSI. It only took three runs to convince the inspectors that we could safely operate at those tire pressures. We also worked on adding some extra magnetic latches to the canopy to give us added protection against the strong winds here in Austin, and recoding some of our driver displays to provide new pieces of information to the drivers.

After we were done taking care of ourselves, we started to work with a variety of other teams to move them closer to having a chance at running on the track for this event. Our code/battery experts gave some tremendous help to Missouri S&T's battery protection system and Waterloo's driver controller network. Mechanical members focused on helping the Northwestern and Georgia Tech teams with a variety of tasks throughout the evening. I'm sure we also had hands in other pits throughout the day.

We have been lucky to share our garage space with Georgia Tech for this week. The garage is a pull-through style with one set of doors on the pit lane and another on the parking area behind the paddocks. For the first half of this week, we have split the space at a line halfway between the doors. For the track event, we will need to split from door to door, so that both teams have space on door facing the pits. Georgia Tech has been very busy working on their car, so completely stopping them to rearrange the spaces wasn't much of an option. But helping them work on their car while moving some gear from both teams to prepare for their eventual move to the doors along the pits was an option we were able to work on for the evening.

Tomorrow we join four other teams on the staring line as we prepare to begin the FSGP 2013 track event! Keep up to date on our work by following our media links located on the team website.

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