Day 2: The Testing goes On

Posted by Joshua Allen on June 26th, 2013 at 6:39 am
Hello all,

Today was the second of three inspection days for the event. We made the most of today by completing our driver egress testing and clearing issues on mechanical inspections. The drivers all performed amazingly during the egress testing, needing only one attempt each to clear the required time of 10 second to exit the vehicle. In mechanical, we quickly worked to replace fasteners and rework some parts to meet the suggestions of the inspectors. Following the static tests, we move the car to the dynamics test area, where the driver and car are tested as one.

The first dynamic test was Figure 8, where the driver must complete a small figure 8 loop within a set time. After making some adjustments to our tires, we easily passed that portion of dynamics and mover to the next. The U-turn test is to ensure we can complete a 180 degree turn within a set space limit. Thanks to our front suspension design, we were able to clear that test with more than enough room to spare. The drivers also managed to quickly complete a slalom course. The last task was the braking test, where the drivers have to come into a test area at speeds around 30 mph and stop the car within 3.5 seconds. This is definitely one of the most difficult tests for the drivers as they find the sweet spot between not enough brake force to slow the car and so much brake force that the tires lock up and control is lost. After a few runs each, the drivers had all completed their dynamics and the team revived its final green sticker, placing us just behind Illinois State University. The order of completion determines the order in which teams get to line up on the starting line when the green flag drops on the track event on Thursday.

The last part of the day consisted of repairing a failing brake pedal mount (don't worry, the driver managed to damage the mount at a time when the car was moving in a controlled condition), shopping for parts, tools, and food, helping other teams move closer to earning green stickers of their own, and talking with visitors and future teams about tips, tricks, and general information on our vehicle.

Tomorrow, we will be running a few more braking tests, setting up for the first day of track racing, lending hands to other teams, and completing other miscellaneous tasks. Another fun task for tomorrow is taking a team support vehicle around the track for a tour so the drivers and strategy teams can familiarize themselves with the track for race planning. Stay up to date with us by following progress on our team website.

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