Day 1: Scrutineering

Posted by Joshua Allen on June 25th, 2013 at 6:46 am
Hello all,

Here is a recap on our day and a look ahead at Day 2 of Scrutineering.

The team started the day with a group breakfast at 10am. Pancakes, sausage, and watermelon made for a delicious and filling meal to start the day off. We even invited the team from Illinois State University to join because we had made so much! By 11am we had made our way to COTA, collected our trailer from the overnight parking spot, and moved through the tunnels to the paddocks on pit row. We're used to setting a tent in a parking lot or field as our camp site during the week, but COTA has been nice enough to let the teams use some of the garages along pit row. They have all of the little amenities that solar car teams are not used to on a usual basis, like the ability to work without worrying about any weather issues, plentiful power outlets for charging devices and running laptops and power tools, compressed airlines for easy tire inflation, and a beautiful view of an awesome track.

The event coordinators usually offer for the first five teams to complete all of their pre-race paper work to start inspection early. Unfortunately, we had a few sanfus with paperwork getting sent in to the event coordinators, so we were not put on that list. But by a stroke of luck we were able to sneak into five of the seven inspection bays. These inspections are a huge part of ensuring that our vehicle is safe and legal for the event. Depending on how well the vehicle performs and meets regulations, we are assigned a color sticker. We managed to receive three greens and a yellow. The issues that caused the yellow sticker on our mechanical systems are simple fixes that we'll finish taking care of in the morning when we arrive at the track. For more information on the inspections (and to track progress of all the teams) please look at the FSGP Team Status page.

When we weren't busy in the inspections, the team found toady to be a great time to adjust to the weather, organize the garage, learn about ideas from other team and their cars, and even offer a helping hand to others to make sure that everyone has a chance to race come Thursday morning. Our team has a great history with receiving Sportsmanship Awards for the mentality we take when it comes to other teams. They may be competitors, but more importantly, they are fellow races that have put as much dedication and time into their as we have. Anything we can do to help them see their vehicle make it to the track is worth trying to do! The more cars on the track, the better the racing!

Tomorrow will be filled with completing work to bring systems up to regulations, preparing for further inspections, and getting ready for the real fun to start on Thursday, when the checkered flag drops at 10 am CST. Please follow along with our progress by following our Twitter, Facebook, and Photobucket pages, all of which can be conveniently accessed through the WMU Sunseeker Website.

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