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Posted by Alec Carpenter on January 9th, 2014 at 7:48 pm
It has been below zero degrees for part of this week here in Michigan, and usually that means you add layers to stay warm. Unfortunately for our 2010 car, the opposite is true. We've been working hard on our overhaul of the car, and the most recent step we took involved removing all of the paint. Only a small amount of paint remains on the car, specifically the "Western Michigan University" name on the front. You can see us finishing up this process below:

Cameron, Greg, and Dylan working to remove the Western Michigan University logo off of the front of the car.

Another photo of the team removing the logo.

The car with most of its paint removed.

Once all of the paint is removed, the whole body will be sanded smooth to prepare it for a fresh new coat of paint.

That concludes this week's update, see ya' next week!

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