Day 5: The Rayce Goes On

Posted by Joshua Allen on June 29th, 2013 at 4:11 pm
Hello all,

Today was the second day of our raycing. The starting flag was scheduled to drop at 9am this morning, meaning we had an early start to the day if we wanted to prepare for the day. After the morning charge, we rolled onto the track to prepare for the green flag. Thanks to the great performance yesterday, we started in first place on the grid. It was another uneventful day of racying, but in the world of solar cars, that's a good thing. Quite a few teams that issues with thermal limits, mechanical failures, and electrical issues that caused some downtime, allowing us to keep up with the leaders of the pack. We are excited that the only reason our vehicle has stopped this race is for tire/driver swaps.

Oregon State University and Illinois State University have been very reliable cars and we managed to stay within the middle of a 3 lap gap separating first and second place. Tomorrow is the last day of raycing before the final checkered flag drops on FSGP 2013. Please keep up to date with our media outlets as our wonderful media team keeps us connected to the outside world! Check out for info from the event coordinators and check for updates from us.

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