Teaching Assistantship Application

This application for teaching assistantship is not an application for admission. All applicants for teaching assistantships must also submit an application for admission to the desired graduate program.

The online application for admission has the option to (1) check a box that says you are interested in assistantship, and (2) list at least three references to write letters or recommendation. Let your references know that you are also applying for a TA so that they can address your ability to communicate and teach a class.

Teaching assistant applicants for fall semester are encouraged to complete both assistantship and admission applications by Feb. 15, although late applications will be accepted.

WMU identification number
List all institutions that you have attended, the dates and the subject or degree. Send transcripts if not sent with your admission application.
List awards you have received.
Lst all mathematics and statistics courses taken, when they were taken, the number of credits received for each (if applicable), and the grade received.
List name, address, phone. and e-mail of three people who are familiar with your academic achievement and personal qualities that you have asked to send letters of recommendation. At least two of these people should be familiar with your work in mathematics or statistics. If your interest is in pursuing the Ph.D. degree, your letters of recommendation should include a statement related to your ability and intent to complete the doctoral degree.
List employer, dates, and job description.