Cochlear implant services expand

Cochlear implant device

Cochlear implant services provided by audiologists and Au.D. students in the clinics continue to expand thanks to recent grants from the Carls Foundation. Referrals for cochlear implant assessments, cochlear implant activation and aural rehabilitation have increased, with evaluations for candidacy now occurring nearly monthly. Four recipients have had their cochlear implants activated since January 2012.

Auditory therapy is being provided for several clients following activation, and aural rehabilitation services for children with hearing loss are increasing. Additionally, a summer program for children with hearing loss who utilize listening and spoken language was initiated this summer at the clinic.

Speech-language pathology and audiology student clinicians who have received scholarship support through the Carls Foundation grant also continue to engage in inter-professional preparation through coursework and clinical experiences. Several speech-language pathology students have enrolled in the pediatric audiology course, while Au.D. students take courses in speech and language disorders.