Research by Students

Graduate students in the School of Public Affairs and Administration work in a variety of research topics from public administration and policy. A list of recent M.P.A. capstone project paper and Ph.D. dissertation titles is provided below. Other research produced by students individually as well as in collaboration with other students and faculty is not listed here.

Recent and archived doctoral dissertation topics

Kristin L. Poleski, Ph.D. - "To Promote or Not to Promote: An Inquiry into the Experience of Female Police Officers and Their Decisions to Pursue Promotion" (June 2016)

Beth M. Beaudin-Seiler, Ph.D. - "National Quality Awards in Healthcare and Actual Quality in U.S. Hospitals." (May 2015)

Khandaker N. Islam, Ph.D. - "A Study on Generic Substitution Policy as a Cost." (April 2014)

Sylivia T. Juta, Ph.D. - "The Growing Women's political Activism in Africa, 1990-2010: An Explanatory Analysis of Institutions and Contexts." (April 2014)

Archived Doctoral dissertation topics

Recent M.P.A. project paper titles (Summer 2016, Spring 2016, Fall 2015)

Summer 2016:

Cassidy, Jeff - "Barriers Veterans Face when Attempting to Access Mental Health Care."

Clemons, Tiana- "State Level Cost-Control for Medicare: A Comparative Analysis."

Fall, Lisa- "The Nursing Shortage In the United States: Its Causes and Possible Solutions."

Ferrall, Douglas - "Donor and Sponsorship Fatigue: How they impact Business and Nonprofit Relationships."

Hill, Brooke D. - "A Comparison/Contrast of Nonprofit and Private Organizations Motivational Practices and how these effect the Agencies Staff Morale, Productivity and Retention."

King, LaTonya- "Comparing Patient Satisfaction and Quality Care Across Medicare Reimbursed Hospitals."

Konjoh, Konjoh B. - "Speculated Malaria Sensitization Strategies for Uneducated Individuals, Pregnant women, and Children under the age of Five years in Cameroon."

Kyser, Valaree- "Health Care Disparities: The Road to Equity."

Leppanen, Tyler- " How local Government Structures Impact Organizational Management."

Logan, Adria- "Discourse and Action: Strategic Change Through Organizational Discourse at Indiana University Health Goshen."

McKay, Antoinetta - "Diversity in Nonprofit Leadership: Overcoming Barriers." (Awarded Best Project Paper)

Morrill Brandon- "Exclusionary Polices and the Shift to Improve School Climate and Discipline.

Spring 2016:

Anderle, Melanie - “Healthcare Disparities for the Disabled: A Nation-Wide Analysis.”

Bean, Terrance M. - “Evaluating Health Equity and Social Justice at the Ingham County Health Department.”

Dawson, Barbara E. - “IT Governance Mechanisms Contribution to Overall Effectiveness of IT Governance: A Meta-Analysis.”

Hornev, Michael - “Veterans Communication: The Battle for Good Intelligence.”

Hsu, Jennifer C. - “A Phenomenological Study Investigating the Influence of United Way Funding on Nonprofit Leaders’ Motivation to Collaborate.” (Awarded Best Project Paper)

Milliman, Nicole A. - “Gender Issues in Public Administration: The Search for Representations of Women within Public Administration Curricula.”

Peters, Cherly A. - “Creating a Significant Change in the Outcome of Students on Academic Probation in the College of Arts and Science.”

Rachmitiasari, Diani I. - “A Legal and Regulatory Study to Determine what Indonesia might Learn from the American Experience with Accommodating Employees with Disabilities.”

Ramlow, Mary E. - “An Empirical Study of the Relationship between Strategic Planning and External Research Awards at Five Michigan Research Academic Institutions.”

Rood, Heather A. - “What Information do Animal Adopters Want, and What is their Preferred Source of Information?”