University Endorsed

"[WMU Signature, which] launched this fall will provide even more opportunities for our students to find and pursue their passions outside of the classroom. Many of these pathways will afford additional opportunities to engage in our local community. One hundred and fourteen years ago, the partnership that underlies CommUniverCity was started, under my tenure it will keep on rocking."                                                                             

- President Montgomery   


WMU Signature Designation

 Western Michigan University recognizes that engagement outside of the classroom can contribute to student learning and development. In response, the University created a framework, WMU Signature, for students to intentionally engage on campus and meaningfully reflect on their experiences. To celebrate students' co-curricular achievements, the University will officially recognize students who have successfully completed their WMU Signature by including a WMU Signature Designation on their academic transcripts and diploma. 


Here is an example of what the WMU Signature Designation will look like on a diploma:

example of wmu signature designation on an academic degree